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Stop this Brutality!

I am a Human of art!
I am a man of my heart!
A cloud roaming in the sky.
Are these sounds of my cry?
A thousand people dead of thirst!
Was there truth when they burst?
These questions are of a simple man
Can you think of what I can?

A race is suffering of the pain
People regard us as Atomic Rain!
We offer peace as we think
And they see the matter at its Brink?
A bird flies through their sky,
And they think its an eagle’s eye!
What about those Innocents? Dead?
And they scream about their armed death?
People think of it as they speak,
The picture does have a second peek!

We don’t talk about handing us that place,
We talk about their nation and race.
Kashmir is a valley of beauty and peace!
Give them all their freedom at least?
We all know how well you ran!
Grow up idiots if you can!
And the least you think it at all!
You can never breach in our wall!