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Monthly Archives: September 2016

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Our Steady Descent into Failure

Pakistan was made by the continuous efforts of several prominent leaders, and the sweat and blood of the citizens that were not only demanding a separate nation because they themselves wanted to live independently, but also and mostly because they did not want their children

Life and Death

Within this dense world, everyone is living inside their own dimensions. Happiness, sorrow, ease and difficulty is systematically distributed for every dimension. Life was altogether wonderful and everything seemed to be moving along in our favor. My brother, sister, and I. This is what makes


Such a beautiful day, You smile and say. Stepping away from reality, You become another casualty. Trapped inside false mutuality, Refusing to witness society’s obscenity, You have become a prey, One which cannot be saved People approach you, asking for help. You gladly respond to

History Will Repeat Itself

  Contemplating over the current situation and thinking over the war of words from both sides of the border, convinces us that, there is a chance of chaos and destruction to ensue. If this happens, then the whole world will shudder with fear of spoliation

Stop this Brutality!

I am a Human of art! I am a man of my heart! A cloud roaming in the sky. Are these sounds of my cry? A thousand people dead of thirst! Was there truth when they burst? These questions are of a simple man Can

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Regrets of being a Bookworm

To put it simply, these last four years (referred to as “the board classes” in Pakistan) have been nothing but long days and restless nights, worrying about when is the next exam going to take place, am I really well prepared for it or not

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All For Naught

Homo sapiens are truly a curious bunch. We are supposedly the master race, the species to rule them all. The bearers of the will of the Master of the universe. At this point, we think we stand at the highest peak of humanity, yet amongst the

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Power Of Dreams

I woke up on a hospital bed with a searing pain in my right forearm. I could not get up as I’d been restrained to the bed. A nurse checks on me and calls someone. I expect the doctor to come but I see a

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Desperate Cry (Poem)

Desperate cry of a helpless man, Can be heard in the streets. The buildings bow down in grief, The walls, will never forget, What they have just witnessed. To mention will only cause distress The oppressor walks out, With a bloodstained knife. No one dares

Growing religious intolerance and Mullahism

While there are tons of problems that Pakistan is currently facing, religious intolerance certainly holds one of the top spots in the list. The threatening part is its rapid growth, and God forbid what may happen if we don’t take enough measures to put an