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Cold Wind

A cold wind blows my way,

Taking all of my memories away,

Leaving my mind in disarray,

Torn and broken I lay,

With no one to love, but to burn in hate.

My heart is broken, My soul is fractured,

My cry for help still remains unanswered.

Nothing could I gain,

But a life full of misery and pain.

The disease cannot be cured,

The world is corrupt and impure,

The medicine is gone,

I can already feel, The cold winds of the coming storm.

The path to escape, Has been sealed by my fate.

Alone I stand in this wretched state.

My condition shall remain unchanged.

There is nothing left to behold,

Everything looks grey and old.

I sit in the gardens of grief,

The picture of my demise,

Has been brought in front of my eyes,

 My mind, overfed with lies,

Was never able to recover in time.

Now, I cannot bleed

Perhaps I have tasted eternal defeat.

I stand desolate, Bearing the burden of my pain.

The sky has blackened. Maybe it is about to rain.

But now there is no need for me to fear,

As time passes, my end draws near.

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